Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Welcome to the Human Givens Blog

Whether you have just heard of the human givens approach or are a long standing supporter of the ideas, we intend this blog to be a space where we can update you with our latest news, share relevant advances in psychology and science and discuss elements of the approach with anyone who is interested.

The term "human givens" is a phrase used to describe the innate templates programmed into our biology from conception that manifest as physical and emotional needs throughout our entire lives.

These needs are the 'givens' of human nature which, together with new insights about the REM state, the cycle of depression and the neuroscience behind addiction, form the basis for an entire approach to well-being, psychotherapy and mental health treatment.


If you are new to the Human Givens approach, read about its history on the Human Givens Institute website.

In addition, there is a lot of extra material on the Human Givens approach available for those who are interested.

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Published biannually, the Human Givens Journal continually explores the significance of new knowledge about human psychology, biology and behaviour wherever it has an impact on people’s lives — for instance, in the areas of health, welfare, education, work, family life, communication, business and the law — and looks in detail at how people are using this knowledge to improve the effectiveness of their work, whatever their field of expertise.

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For more specific information on lift depression and the expectation fulfilment theory of dreaming, take a look at our dreaming and depression websites.

We also have a website dedicated to caetextia, and a website dedicated to the Human Givens Charter, a document intended to provide a new organising idea for good Government.

We hope you enjoy this blog.