Saturday, 10 March 2012

Godhead: The Brain's Big Bang. The strange origin of creativity, mysticism and mental illness

Since its publication in July 2011, the latest, groundbreaking book by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell has drawn praise from all over the world for its insightful theories of consciousness and the nature of the universe.

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"An All-Encompassing Masterwork: This is a book of both extraordinary scope and profound insight. Drawing together knowledge from psychology, ancient wisdom, poetry, literature, and quantum physics, the authors put forward highly convincing models - demonstrably consistent with science - about the nature of the universe and how it operates. 
Griffin and Tyrrell take aim at questions which genius minds have grappled with since the dawn of time, not least the enduring conundrum: why do we exist? In doing so they, may have solved some of the fundamental riddles which block the way forward for scientists working in physics and biology today, namely: What is the origin of the information that makes matter possible? How did life arise out of inanimate matter? And,what is consciousness? 
Unlike some other works that approach the same, or similar questions, Godhead is neither mired in the indecipherable technical patois of specialist academics, nor blunted by the hollow mystical jargon that nowadays passes for genuine spirituality. Godhead's prose is sharp, sober, informed, flowing, elegant and accessible, leading the reader through its great edifice of knowledge whose passageways and galleries are all shown to be interlinked.
We learn that areas as seemingly distant as physics and psychology are in fact more connected than we could ever imagine. And this leads to one of the main pillars in Godhead's great hall of ideas: that the existence of the physical universe, of the cosmos itself, is directly related to consciousness. The quality of our thoughts, actions and attention, the book alleges, has a very real impact on the constantly changing state of the universe. 
Because of Godhead's colossal, multidisciplinary reach, the book has something for everyone. Godhead has as much to offer the curious layperson as it does the most learned scientist. Not only will the reader's knowledge of the external universe be deepened and enriched, but also his or her INTERNAL universe - whose exploration, Godhead alleges, above all others, is the one fundamental task incumbent upon us all."                      Reviewed by John Zada       
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  1. This is an interesting theory. Any idea on how I can purchase this book online?

    1. Godhead is available to buy on Amazon and also on the Human Givens website: - it's not available to download online anywhere, but it might be available on Kindle in future