Thursday, 1 March 2012

Human Givens Conference 2012 - The Future of Work: A Shared Vision

Introducing Human Givens ideas and practice into the workplace

Sunday 12th & Sunday 13th May 2012

Sunningdale, Berkshire, UK

The way we work can promote mental and emotional health or undermine it. 

Work should be a huge source of satisfaction, an activity through which many innate emotional needs are met. If, however, it raises people's stress levels to an unhealthy degree and thus contributes to the generation of mental illness, the quality of life of the individual and whole community suffers.

When caetextic working practices, however well intentioned, prevent us from getting our needs met, the effect can be as toxic as being bullied by a social psychopath. Likewise an unethical workplace culture that single-mindedly encourages greed and selfishness eats up trust, destroys personal relationships and shreds the reputations of individuals and organisations. The massive ecological, financial and welfare crises we are experiencing, together with the sharp increase in mood disorders and addictive behaviours, is testament to a culture that in many ways has lost the plot.

The speakers at this conference will address these problems from the human givens perspective. The weekend will feature startling and surprising evidence that public and private organisations can be transformed quickly for the better when HG principles are understood and applied, thereby optimising their chances of long-term success. 

Guest Speakers

Pat Gilroy - Managing Director of Dalkia (Environment Energy Division) in Ireland with over 450 employees and an 87 million euro annual turnover. He is also Secretary of the Energy Institute and a member of the Expert Group in Future Skills Needs within the Irish Green Economy. His interest in, and application of, human givens principles in industry has had a hugely beneficial effect on the company and staff. In addition to his significant experience in the energy sector, he is the manager of the Dublin Gaelic football team and a former President of the Ireland-France Chamber of Commerce.

Nick Leeson - the original Rogue Trader whose unchecked risk-taking as a young man caused the biggest financial scandal of the late 20th century, the collapse in 1995 of Barings, personal bank to HM the Queen. It was his unusual life experience and reflections on subsequent crashes and scandals and the current financial state of the World’s economy, plus his interest in psychology, that made him a much sought after commentator. His best-selling book, Back from the Brink: Coping with Stress, was co-written with Ivan Tyrrell.

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Book before the 31st March 2012 and receive a free copy of the Release from Anger book, an ideal accompaniment to other Human Givens literature and a great resource to have if your job involves working with people.

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