Thursday, 12 April 2012

Godhead Review: "They may have solved the three fundamental question ... without spending billions"

Here is a link to an excellent review of Godhead: The Brain's Big Bang from John Zada at The Planisphere, please have a read:
"Three questions sum up the fundamental quandary for scientists working in biology and cosmology today. Where did the information that made matter possible come from? How did life arise out of inanimate matter? And what is consciousness? These profound puzzles about the nature of our universe are the major stumbling blocks holding up progress in physics and biology. Vast sums of money are directed at trying to answer them. 
How we arrived at a point where our species could investigate such questions is itself astonishing. Archaeologists tell us that around 40,000 years ago humankind made a sudden and dramatic evolutionary leap. From seemingly nowhere our Homo sapiens ancestors developed a sophisticated tool technology alongside a fulsome culture of symbolic art. It is an event known by some archaeologists as “the brain’s big bang” – an evolutionary turning point marked by a sudden ability in humans to daydream and think conceptually.  
In Godhead: The Brain’s Big Bang, psychologists Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell take this watershed moment in the great narrative of human history and make it the starting point for a tantalizing and powerful investigation into the mystery of human consciousness and the question: why do we exist? In doing so they may have solved the three fundamental questions mentioned above – without spending billions....."
Go to The Planisphere to read the full review >>

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