Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Human Givens Diploma delivered 'in-house' for the Irish Health Service Executive

The Human Givens College has almost completed delivering Part I of the HG Diploma course for the Irish Health Service Executive, which is responsible for the provision of healthcare and personal social services for everyone living in Ireland and is the largest single employer in Ireland.

This is the first time the whole HG course has been done as an ‘in-house’ project, something we expect to see more of as the benefits of adopting HG methodology becomes increasingly recognised in financially strained times.

The response of those lucky enough to attend the training days held so far was overwhelmingly positive. Participants quickly came to appreciate the contribution the practical and effective HG approach can make to mental and emotional welfare.

Part II of the Diploma is being taught in July in the beautiful southern Irish town of Kilkenny.

The Autumn Part ll course in Bristol is already fully subscribed and people wishing to attend in Spring 2013 are urged to reserve their place early.

The course just completed in York was a great success and included participants from Ireland and Holland.

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