Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Twitter Round Up

Every month or so, I am going to do a round up of interesting articles & snippets I've come across on Twitter.

As well as tweeting latest Human Givens news and sharing our own links of interest, I try to re-tweet articles of relevance to anyone studying psychotherapy, behaviour or neuroscience from the human givens perspective.

So here is an interesting selection from the last couple of months:

On storytelling:
@GuardianTeenBks 500 new fairytales discovered - a whole new world of magic animals and evil witches 
On Bipolar Disorder and creativity:
@TheMentalHealth: Does a bipolar state of mind encourage creative genius? 
@the99percent: The connection between bipolar disorder and creativity 
On Autism:
@autismspeaks #Autism May Begin at Very Early Phases of Brain Development blog by Eric Courchesne, Ph.D.
 @social_brains Autistics have enhanced perceptual processing
@sciammind Society offers little help to adults with autism. Here's what we can do, by
On depression:
@PsychologyView How Western Psychology Needs to Rethink Depression
@sciammind For depression researchers. "chemical imbalance is sort of last-century thinking"
...and just for fun:
@openculture: Arthur C. Clarke Predicts the Future for Little Boy in 1974. Foresees the Internet & PC. Video:

And finally, a quote from a tweet by @PsychNetworker: "It's not the situation. It's your reaction to the situation." Robert Conklin


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