Friday, 25 May 2012

"in8" - Using innate skills to enrich life

Resource pack: in8 cards
in8 is a new modular training programme for individuals, teams and groups using the human givens approach. It was launched at the Human Givens Conference 2012.

in8 Training
in8 training is ideal for use in workplace and group situations, increasing effectiveness, managing stress and improving performance through understanding what makes people 'tick' and how to get all your innate needs met.

Personal Development
in8 also offers personal development in the form of one to one training with an in8 trainer. More akin to a coaching program than 'therapy', with in8 personal development you can choose eight session themes appropriate to your situation, including 'Communication skills', 'Clear Thinking - how we react to stuff', Relaxation and Visualisation' and 'Improving physical health and sleep'. in8 personal development is suited to those going through changes in life situation for example relationship troubles, retirement, redundancy or illness.

Training to Deliver
in8 also offers a 4 day training programme for Human Givens College students to deliver in8 courses to others.

The first dates for these courses are:
Tuesday 18th to Friday 21st September 2012 in Bath
Tuesday 12th to Friday 15th February 2013 in Bath

'I found this course really enjoyable – fun, stimulating and fulfilling. It was great to be taught by such experienced and sensitive teachers and I feel much more confident now!'

'A superbly well thought out, organised and thought provoking day which has been incredibly valuable to our organisation. I would recommend this service wholeheartedly.'

The next in8 courses for individuals are taking place on:

12th July 2012 in Salisbury 
8th September 2012 in Bath

Please see for more details, and contact in8 for further course info and pricing.

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