Thursday, 3 May 2012

'Just What we Need' website launch

Just What We Need is a flexible and educational 12-session programme, developed using sound Human Givens principles.

The course has been described as 'better than counselling' and aims to give insight into emotional health for all participants through creative group work. Its particular structure and focus on emotional needs also makes it accessible for anyone experiencing emotional distress.

An except from the the new Just What We Need website:
"It is becoming clear that many emotional difficulties that people experience in life stem from a lack of knowledge about innate emotional needs. When people do not have this understanding about themselves they cannot ensure that these needs are met in their own lives, and often in the lives of others with whom they live and work.  They cannot then provide an emotional healthy environment in which they and others can flourish. 
The 'Just What We Need' programme, using the human givens approach, is successfully meeting this need.  It gives participants genuine insight into innate emotional needs and how these are connected to mental wellbeing, positive behaviour and the healthy development of themselves and others, through the recognition that we all basically have the same needs.
Based on sound human givens principles, and using fun and creative activities, this 12-session programme has revealed a hunger for practical psychological knowledge among participants and demonstrated how their awareness, self-esteem and confidence develops significantly through their involvement. 
Just What We Need has included participants from all sections of society. Common themes have been anxiety, depression and social isolation. 
Participants in 'Just What We Need' programmes have described  the experience as life transforming and "better than counselling".
The testimonials page provide a moving tribute to how Just What We Need courses have changed the life of the people who have experienced them: "This course is for anyone who needs to work out where they are and what they need from life.  I found the whole experience amazing.  I know now who I am, where I am in my life and most importantly what I need from my life. I cannot thank the course leaders enough."

As well as providing Just What We Need programmes for participants from all walks of life, training for Human Givens trained individuals to lead their own Just What We Need training programmes are also offered.

Find out more about Just What We Need, please contact Linda Hoggan or Carmen Kane.

More Information

Read an article from the Human Givens Journal about the innovative approach taken by Just What We Need.

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