Thursday, 24 May 2012

Money is just a metaphor: Ivan Tyrrell interviews Hazel Henderson for the next Human Givens Journal

Those who attended this years Human Givens Conference heard Ivan Tyrrell referring to Hazel Henderson, a world-renowned consultant on sustainable development and author of many books including the award-winning Ethical Markets: growing the green economy.

Since then he has interviewed her for the next edition of the Human Givens Journal.

She had read both Human Givens: A new approach to emotional health and clear thinking, and Godhead: The Brain's Big Bang, which she describes as 'deep, original and very important'.
Hazel has become a great supporter of the human givens approach and was very interested to discuss context blindness ('caetextia'), green economics and the 'defrocking' of the banking system.

She and Ivan recommend to our readers that, since we are all affected by the current financial crisis (both in the US and Europe), you watch The Money Fix, a fascinating, myth-busting documentary that unravels our real relationship to 'money'.You can watch the documentary for free online.

Look out for the interview in the next issue of the Human Givens Journal due out in mid June 2012.

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