Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Slow Ride to Turin: Raising money for the Human Givens Foundation

Maddy Corbin from Devon is cycling from Axminster to Turin in Italy to raise money for the Human Givens Foundation and the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust in memory of her sister Philippa, who tragically took her own life in January 2011. Philippa suffered from depression.

Maddy and her close family learned of the human givens approach shortly after Philippa's death and chose to raise money for the Human Givens Foundation to support the work of Human Givens College, which trains thousands of health professionals each year to treat depression quickly and effectively

Dr Sue Becker, who shared with them the empowering organising ideas behind the Human Givens approach to depression states on the Slow Ride to Turin website:
"I have been working as a GP for over 20 years in Dorset, and have been using the techniques I learnt with the Human Givens organisation for at least the last 12 years. I can definitely say that the Human Givens approach has transformed the way I work and enabled me to be helpful and supportive to my patients even when they find themselves at a very low point in their lives.  
Through Human Givens training I have learnt various short contact therapies many of which can be used during a 10-15 minute consultation with quick and simple ways of helping people to focus positively on moving forward rather than encouraging them to go over their problems and “rehearse their failures”. The Human Givens refer to those resources we all have within us and which we can learn to access and use to help ourselves. When we understand how the brain works to protect us and how it may inadvertently keep us in a “fight or flight” mode then we can also learn how to turn these alarms down and allow ourselves to think calmly and problem solve again. Something as simple as counting 7 to breathe in and 11 to breathe out with muscle relaxation has given many of my patients an effective tool they can use to help themselves whenever they feel they need it. To gain control over your own stress reaction is very empowering for us all and in itself significantly reduces the stress and distress we can go through at difficult and challenging times in our lives. The Human Givens guided imagery and relaxation CD’s and self help books are also excellent and I find I am constantly loaning out my copies although many people ultimately buy a copy for themselves. 
 I can whole heartedly recommend this approach to others working with low, distressed and anxious people of all ages as I found the techniques so good that I have happily funded myself for the various seminars and workshops I have attended over the years. It would be great to see these messages spread far and wide. We need this type of positive, self empowering help available in the health service, schools, caring services and the community at large and so it is very good to hear that the Slow Ride to Turin may be able to fund some bursaries to train individuals or help to support the Human Givens Foundation."

Maddy will cycle slowly on the 800 mile journey, enjoying good food along the way, to share the ethos championed by her sister who was an enthusiastic proponent of the slow food movement, supporting traditional and regional cuisine.

To sponsor Maddy and raise money for charity, please see her Charity Giving Page

To see Human Givens College Courses on depression please visit the Human Givens College Website

For more information on depression please visit: lift-depression.com

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