Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Human Givens Peer Groups

If you are working towards/have completed the Human Givens Diploma or just use the human givens approach in your work, please consider joining one of the 30 Human Givens Peer Group that meet regularly all across the UK.

HG Peer groups are a great place to go to network with others using this approach in their work and stay up to date with developments in human givens, as well as a invaluable source for peer support if you are a practicing therapist or other health professional.

You can get to a list of Human Givens Peer Groups on the password protected professional members section of our website (you must be a member of the HGI to access this list.)

If there isn't a peer group near you - feel free to set one up! We can publicise your new group, contact us for details.

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