Friday, 20 July 2012

The importance of context blindness and working with children with ASD

The Aspergersphere, a website for parents of children with Asperger syndrome, has added a page of information on catextia, recognising the importance of caetextia theory when working with children with Asperger's and autism:
"Many of the approaches parents and professionals use to help kids develop competencies such as social skills focus on teaching rules and scripts. However, for social understanding and competence to develop, rules and scripts are insufficient. The missing element is context. Behavior that is socially appropriate in one situation might be inappropriate in another context. Because of the literal, absolute way our kids think, they need help in understanding not only whether a certain behavior is socially appropriate, but also when that behavior is appropriate. 
Context blindness explains why your child can tell you exactly how he or she should handle a situation (when you’re discussing it before or after the event), but then has difficulty applying that theoretical understanding to real world experiences."

Further information:

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Find out more about caetextia or watch this video:

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