Thursday, 20 September 2012

Music in Hospitals

Music in Hospitals is a charity which organises around 5000 free concerts a year for adults and children in hospitals throughout Britain. They were established in 1948 but as I've only recently heard of them, I wanted to share their work in a quick post.

"MiH concerts bring a sustained improvement to the quality of life of adults and children affected by all kinds of illness, life limiting conditions, mental health problems, physical and learning disabilities whilst creating a shared experience that can be enjoyed by the wider community of healthcare staff, volunteers, and relatives. Our musicians’ sensitive approach helps to eliminate feelings of stigma and discrimination often experienced in healthcare by breaking down social and cultural barriers and the routine of long term care. The musicians do not provide miracle cures but magical moments of warmth and joy as they help to bring the person out of the patient."

The work of the Music in Hospitals charity is encapsulated by this moving and inspiring video. It is a reminder than even the simplest of things can profoundly lift the spirits of those experiencing suffering.

Please take a moment to watch:

Music in Hospitals is on Twitter.

Here is the Music in Hospitals website.

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