Monday, 17 September 2012

Wellbeing training: practical skills for treating depression

Human Givens College offers a range of training courses that are essential to anyone whose job involves working to increase psychological wellbeing in patients, clients, colleagues and service users.

If you are looking for practical, skills-based training to help you treat depression, anxiety, addiction, psychosis, PTSD or trauma, please browse our 2012/2013 prospectus (opens PDF) for upcoming mental health training in 2012/2013.

Depression Training

Depression is on the rise and we offer two depression courses, both counting towards the Human Givens Diploma:

Understanding the cycle of depression - essential information -Joe Griffin’s iconoclastic training day shatters the many myths about depression and how best to treat it. Despite enormous efforts to improve the nation's mental health, the number of people suffering from depression is still rising (and increasingly so among children, young people and the elderly). Millions are affected in some way – yet it is actually one of the most treatable disorders health professionals are asked to help with, as this inspiring training day shows. Find out why depressed people are always so tired and unmotivated and why the appropriate psychotherapy has a dramatically lower rate of relapse than antidepressants and is the most effective treatment, even with severe cases.

How to Lift Depression - A practical skills-based day - Joe Griffin’s training day caused a sensation when it was featured on BBC Radio 4’s All in the Mind. Depression is now so common that all health professionals need to know how to lift it – especially as it can lead to suicide. This workshop has saved lives.
Until recently, depression was little understood, but now you can absorb the easy-to-learn psychological techniques that lift it quickly ... even in the severest cases. Antidepressants (though dangerous) can play a role in reducing symptoms, but research shows that appropriate counselling is the most effective way to lift even the most severe depression, and has a much lower rate of relapse.

For more wellbeing training course see our list of courses.

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