Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Date change: Consciousness and attention: The science of spirituality - two day course

Please note: This course will now be taking place on 6th - 7th April 2013
Location: Sunningdale Park, Ascot, Berkshire, UK 

Course overview: 

This weekend offers you the chance to explore the most fundamental, cosmic and intimate aspect of your life: your relationship with the universal nature of consciousness. Although we mostly aren’t aware of this it is the quality of this relationship that determines how meaningful our life feels to us. (‘Meaning’ is an innate human need.) The course is designed for those inspired by the ancient injunction to “Know thyself” since all spiritual self-development requires that we do.

 Topics to be addressed: 

  • What exactly consciousness is for. 
  • Why it evolved with the origin of the Universe. 
  • How it interacts with matter … and why it does so. 
  • The different levels of consciousness. 
  • Is our own unconscious a separate entity from ourselves? 
  • Is consciousness an epiphenomenon or a fundamental given of the Universe as mystics and physicists say? 
  • Bringing us to our senses: How is consciousness connected to perception, creativity and meaning? 
  • How to expand your consciousness by the way you adjust your attention mechanism (consciousness can devolve as well as evolve). 
  • Why the Universe is so extraordinarily favourable to the evolution of life forms. 
  • The claims that mystics and some physicists make about the connection between human consciousness and Universal consciousness. 
  • Avoiding mumbo jumbo: Why it is important to reach for an understanding about these questions that does not insult our intelligence or impoverish our humanity. 

Consciousness and science 

Whilst exploring some of the answers given by many of the greatest minds that have ever lived, we will also show that it is still possible to provide revolutionary new answers to these questions that are compatible with our best scientific discoveries and the insights of the wisdom traditions. We will see that a scientific theory can be right and yet leave out a vital piece of what we all perceive is important: Being an object is something everybody is, but your consciousness and your subjectivity is unique to you. Consciousness is what divides the subjective from the objective, it is the lens through which all levels of awareness reach your core being, the means by which you connect to everything you experience. Understanding what your consciousness is and can do is essential to self-development. 

How the course is structured: 

The course is a blend of talks, discussion and exercises with breaks for networking and refreshment. 

Who should attend? 

Anyone who has wondered about who or what they are.

This is the LAST course of it's kind that we will be offering and there are limited places available.

To find out how to book, please visit the Human Givens College website.

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