Monday, 7 January 2013

New Issue of the Human Givens Journal is out! Featuring therapy for war veterans, Pat Gilroy, work stress and how to help students

The latest issue of the Human Givens journal is now out and is bursting with a wealth of articles, news, views and information:

Editorial: The long and the short of causal links

How we are: News, views and information:

Harm done by antipsychotics • naming the fear • rejection and popular adolescents • disgust and perception • more reliable methods of eyewitness identification • choices • persecution dreams • HG-inspired education resource pack • communicating emotions • wisdom • strong evidence of efficacy for HG therapy • generosity and time • schizophrenia and autism connectionand time • schizophrenia and autism connection

Labelling the difficulty
Pat Williams muses on the pressing need to see through illusory representations to what is really there

How human givens therapy is helping war veterans
Anita Dale describes research showing the effectiveness of the treatment for traumatised former soldiers

Car crash
Denise Winn describes the complex outcomes for a mother and son of a near-fatal accident and astonishing recovery

Work and the mental health continuum
Ezra Hewing helps a large insurance company change its perceptions about employee stress and wellbeing

Taking it from the top
Bart McEnroe and Pat Gilroy discuss HG’s transformatory effects on a leading football team and multinational subsidiary

“And what happened next?”
Dan Jones uses curiosity and encouragement to help parents deter ‘at risk’ children from antisocial behaviour and crime

Using the human givens to cope with personal adversity
Val Giblett’s inspiring account of how she made good use of HG principles when faced with a diagnosis of cancer

Transition distress: the big problem facing universities
Why students are less prepared and more anxious than ever before, and how they can be helped. By Gareth Hughes

Reflections on healing
The HG approach fits well with the trend towards blending intuition with conventional medicine, says Fiona Crabtree

PLUS: Book Reviews, Letters

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