Wednesday, 20 March 2013

OUT NOW! New, revised edition of Human Givens: The new approach to emotional health and clear thinking

“While books are never a cure for what ails us in life, they are often a catalyst, a trigger that fires off those rare and profound ‘aha!’ moments that lead to deeper insights and understanding. Human Givens is such a catalyst."
- Jack Davies 
It is exactly ten years since Human Givens was first published. The new edition, Human Givens: The new approach to mental health and clear thinking, contains many exiting research findings that were not in the original work and that augment the principle HG ideas and observations. These include: an extended chapter on the givens themselves; more information validating the expectation fulfilment theory of dreaming and sections on molar memories, context blindness (caetextia) and post hypnotic suggestion.

This fresh edition of Human Givens contains a wealth of new material that will enhance its already considerable reputation.

• The authors exquisitely describe one of the most important psychological insights of our age: how we are all born with a rich natural inheritance – a partially formed mind containing a genetic treasure-house of innate knowledge patterns: the ‘human givens’. We all experience these givens as physical and emotional needs, powerful forces that must be satisfactorily met in our environment if our minds are to unfold and develop to their fullest potential. How these innate patterns connect up with the world, and unfold in it, determine our own and our family’s emotional health and happiness – as well as the maturity and humanity of the society we create around us.

• Human Givens also explores the dangers that arise when we squander this inheritance. By ignoring the requirements of nature our educational and health services degrade, organisations degenerate, working lives suffer, politics becomes ever more ridiculous and our personal lives more prone to anxiety disorders, depression, psychosis and addictions.

• Includes a NEW CHAPTER on the biological basis of context blindness – caetextia – that blights the lives of millions.

• Ultimately, this book is uplifting and practical because it brings hope in these troubled times by clearly spelling out what each child and adult needs in order to develop well, how to help those who aren’t and who are suffering severe mental distress, including depression and post-traumatic stress.

Please encourage as many influential people as possible to read it. Its usefulness for parenting, education, mental health and to any workplace organisation can save £billions if its ideas were understood and applied.

To order your copy, visit the Human Givens publishing website

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