Thursday, 21 March 2013

Why am I conscious?

Here are three questions for you.

• How did the mysterious quality of consciousness arise alongside matter?
• Why is the innate need for meaning so powerful in human beings?
• Is it possible for an individual’s consciousness to survive death?

 If you are looking for a non-culty way to answer these questions about the origin and purpose of life, as well as exploring the nature of space and time, you can join myself and Joe Griffin for a ‘mumbo-jumbo free’ weekend devoted to understanding why they are so important: Consciousness and attention: The science of Spirituality. 

 This is the last time we will be drawing out in a public forum some of the major themes from our book, Godhead: The brain’s big bang, which was the result of many years' work unpacking the explosive origin of creativity, mysticism and mental illness.

The Toronto Review of Books called Godhead, “a work of extraordinary scope and profound insight… The book’s prose is sharp, sober, informed, flowing, elegant and accessible, leading the reader through its great edifice of knowledge – one whose passageways and galleries are all shown to be interlinked.” 

The reviewer pointed out that it “may have solved some of the fundamental riddles which block the way forward for scientists working in physics and biology today, namely: What is the origin of the information that makes matter possible? How did life arise out of inanimate matter? And ultimately, what is consciousness?” Many other readers believe the book successfully bridges one of the great chasms of our times – the seeming irreconcilability between spirituality and science.

 If you are interested in fundamental questions about the origin and purpose of life, and can spare a couple of days, book on to Consciousness and attention: The science of Spirituality now.

It will take place on Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th of April 2013 at Sunningdale Park, Ascot.

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