Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Unique new human givens resource pack: 'in8 Cards'

A unique new resource pack for anyone involved in decision making, problem solving, strengthening relationships, reducing stress and improving well-being has been launched by in8.

The boxed pack of explanatory cards, illustrated by Laurie Stansfield and available to order now, is based around the 'human givens', a list of emotional needs and resources that are an essential starting point for good mental health.

The hope is that the pack will be widely used to spread human givens ideas to environments where psychotherapy is not necessarily required. As well as being useful for therapists to help explain and explore the essential needs and resources with their clients, the pack can also be used in educational and professional settings - and in fact, almost any environment that would benefit from understanding the fundamentals of human needs and behaviour.

What's in the in8 cards pack?

From the in8 blog:

"We are delighted to announce that our new resource pack “in8 Cards” has arrived from the printers. This is a resource pack which you can use to give clarity to a wide variety of situations that involve people and relationships.

The card illustrating the need for control
The pack consists of a boxed set of 20 beautifully illustrated cards and an 80 page explanatory book. 

The cards are divided into two sets: the “resource” cards identify your innate resources or skills. The “needs” cards identify the innate needs of human beings. 

The vital need for meaning and purpose
The essential resource of imagination

The book includes tips of how to use the cards and detailed descriptions of each card."


From June 1st 2013, in8 Cards will be available to order online. In the mean time, you can contact in8 to order them directly.

1 x Box of in8 Cards - £24.95 The cards are A6 size and the pack also contain a lightweight organza bag to carry the cards separately.

(p&p charges are waived until 1st September 2013, so get yours ASAP)

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