Sunday, 9 February 2014

Delving Deeper: Launch of online training with Human Givens College

To make it easier (and cheaper) for curious people to learn about HG ideas from anywhere in the world, Human Givens College is launching two types of flexible online courses this year: ‘Human Givens: Delving Deeper’ and ‘Human Givens: Psychological Interventions’.

The first is 'Exploring consciousness – and your relationship to reality'. Developed from our popular weekend course on consciousness, it is a wonderful trip for imaginative people interested in the innate human need for meaning.

You will discover how, by drawing on human givens principles, plausible answers can be given to profound questions that cause scientists to tear their hair out.

Questions such as:

 • How did the Universe appear out of nothing in the first place?
• Where did the information come from to produce life?
• Why do we experience time the way we do?
• Why does consciousness seem so important to the material world?
 • Can our consciousness survive death?

 Visit: for a taster video and more information – you can also sign up there to receive 7 FREE films and further course news.

Early bird discount – the very first 100 people to book on to ‘Exploring Consciousness’ will save over 25% discount on the normal course price. 

'Human Givens: Psychological Interventions' online courses will be launching early this spring – these will cover familiar topics from the Human Givens Diploma – the first to launch will be ‘Tackling Addiction’.