Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Latest Human Givens journal now out! Volume 21, No 1, 2014

Editorial: The many facets of morality

How we are: News, views and information:
Diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder • how best to practise • chivalrous acts • lonely bacteria • children’s amnesia • psychological side effects of antidepressants • launch of the Council for Evidence- Based Psychiatry • analysis of a dream • older eyewitnesses • taking notes • avatars’ effects on behaviour • suicide risk and confidentiality • compliance and discomfort • anxiety in diabetes sufferers • resources in the poor • public speaking • warmth and cooperation

Knowing where you belong 
Pat Williams extols becoming a fully paid-up member of the human race

When you can’t drain the swamp 
Through three moving stories, Chris Dyas shares his methods for working effectively with self-harming teenagers


Reflections on therapy 
Julian Penton highlights what he has learned after years as a human givens therapist, supervisor and trainer

‘Super’ vision 
Rob Parkinson suggests ways for therapists to keep a heightened sense of awareness

Going global with mental health 
Vikram Patel tells Denise Winn what the West can learn from developing countries in working towards mental health for all

You or I, here and now, there and then ... if only 
Denise Winn explores the unexpected ways in which our perspectives on the world can be manipulated

Online therapy 
Linda Singer explores the positives and the pitfalls of technology-assisted counselling

Growing up and moving on 
Ignite Trust works imaginatively with marginalised young people. Lynne Burke explains its success

PLUS: Book Reviews, Letters

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