Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Human Givens Therapist discusses trauma and PTSD on 'This Morning': I watched my son die.

On 24th November 2014, Human Givens Therapist Joy Griffiths appeared again on ITV's This Morning as an expert in trauma counselling.

The segment centered around the experiences of Tony Broadbent, who lost his son two years ago in a tragic accident on a building site they were working on together. Whilst coming to terms with his loss, Tony was charged with manslaughter - accused of being responsible for the death of his own child. Two years later Tony was finally acquitted by a unanimous jury who made their decision in minutes.

Joy explained that it is possible to recover from such trauma by 'unhooking' the panic response that is associated with a triggered traumatic memory from the memory itself, permanently removing the symptoms of PTSD.

The technique used by Human Givens Therapists to achieve this is called the rewind technique. It is non intrusive and effective, and can take effect in as few as two sessions of counselling.

The rewind technique is used by the military PTSD charity PTSD Resolution that provides counselling for former armed forces, reservists and family.

It was great to see a positive, up-to-date explanation of how trauma works on such a popular show as This Morning. It was very brave of Tony to talk about such a difficult subject on air and we hope he is able to receive the help he needs to overcome this trauma and continue his life with all the fantastic memories he has of his son Kyle.


PTSD: why some techniques for treating it work so fast - An explanation of how and why the rewind technique is so effective.

If you are looking for help with trauma: Find a human givens therapist near you.

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