Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Tackling Addiction: NEW online therapy training from Human Givens College

Ever wanted to do psychotherapy training online, at a time and place that suits you? Are you only interested in doing online training that contributes towards a recognised qualification? Or do you want to find out more about an aspect of mental health without having to wade through jargon?

We are excited to have launched Human Givens Online Courses, a whole new platform to experience our ground breaking psychotherapy training.

The first course to be made available online is one of our most popular Human Givens College 1 day events:

Tackling Addiction
Understanding and Treating Addictive Behaviour - with tutor Joe Griffin

The good news about addiction is that with the right knowledge and treatment, many addicts can, and do, recover quite quickly. This new online course explains the key information you need to know to tackle addiction successfully.

Joe Griffin's new science-based insights into what is happening in our brains when we become addicted have proved a major leap forward in not only our understanding of the addictive process but the successful treatment of a wide range of addictions.

As a result, thousands of addicts have already been helped to overcome their particular addiction. As well as exploring these new insights and their relevance to successful treatment, this course gives you an essential overview of a wide variety of addictive behaviours, including what they have in common, why we are all vulnerable to addiction, and what the genuine causes and drivers of addictive behaviours are.

It also explains the most successful ways to rapidly break addictive patterns and how to prevent, or at least minimise, relapses, using psychotherapy informed by these latest neuroscientific findings.

So ‒ whether it's for professional or personal reasons ‒ taking this online course on beating addictions could prove invaluable to you.

Visit our new website and enrol now


For more information on the human givens approach to addiction, read the following landmark article on addiction by Joe Griffin, the tutor on this online course:

Great Expectations - Joe Griffin goes back to basics to arrive at a some powerful new insights into the givens of human nature and addiction. This article is from a 2004 edition of the Human Givens journal and explores many of the essential insights the human givens approach is centered on.

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