Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Online Therapy Training: How To Break The Cycle Of Depression

The latest online course launched from Human Givens Online Courses:

How to break the cycle of depression ‒ vital information for everyone - with Joe Griffin

Despite being on the increase, depression is actually one of the easiest disorders to treat successfully and quickly – once you know how.

This new online course with psychologist Joe Griffin, a leading expert in the field, shatters the many myths that still surround this distressing condition and how it should be treated. It also gives you the new insights, information and research findings that have been quietly revolutionising the effective treatment of depression for well over a decade.

Literally thousands of people in the UK and Ireland have already been helped to recover from depression – often remarkably quickly – as a result of the new information taught on this course.

Among other things, you will discover: what really causes depression; why depressed people wake up tired and unmotivated; the link between worrying, dreaming and depression; why some forms of psychotherapy can actually be harmful when treating depression; why the appropriate type of psychotherapy has a dramatically lower rate of relapse than antidepressants and is also the most effective treatment – even with severe cases and postnatal depression.

For the sake of the millions of people affected by depression around the world (including rising numbers of children, young people and the elderly), this information needs to be much more widely known.

It doesn't just transform lives – it saves them...

“Finally a course which has shown me what depression is. I know what I've learnt is going to be immediately helpful to some of my clients.” - Occupational Therapist 

"Loved it. Can't think of anyone I know who wouldn't benefit from this course.” - Psychotherapist

How to break the cycle of depression - an essential course - available to take online, at a time, pace and place that suits you.

Visit our site and enroll now.


For more information on the human givens approach to treating depression - see and the book, How to Lift Depression ... fast.

For more online training please visit: HG Online Courses

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