Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year!

It's been an exciting year for the human givens approach.

We have lots of things in store for 2015 but before we embark on the new year, let's look back on everything we have achieved in the last twelve months.

HG Online Courses

We will primarily remember 2014 as the year we began offering online psychotherapy teaching as well as face to face training.

For over 16 years we have been the foremost providers of psychotherapy training in the UK so it was very exciting for us to start exploring the world of online training, making it easier and more convenient for people all over the world to access our courses.

The first of our new online courses launched in the Spring of 2014 was HG Delving Deeper: Exploring consiousness and your relationship to reality, a course designed for those who are intrigued by life's 'big questions', consciousness, pattern matching, self-development and meaning.

This course paved the way for the next two courses, How to break the cycle of depression and How to understand and treat all types of addictive behaviour - both of which count towards Part 1 of the Human Givens Diploma. We have already had people booking on from all over the world. Several more courses will be available to take online soon so stay tuned..

The People's Book Prize
We were delighted to have the latest editions of Why We Dream: The Definitive Answer and the Human Givens a new approach to emotional health and clear thinking nominated for the People's Book Prize 2014/2015.

Why We Dream was up first in the autumn phase of voting and became a finalist thanks to the votes of our supporters! The second phase of the competition is now open, so please vote for the Human Givens book if you have a moment.

HGI conference 2014

The Human Givens Institute Conference took place in June in Sunningdale and was a huge success, with Prof Richard Bentall being the keynote speaker.

Read a full report of the weekend here.

Human Givens College

All 2015 training dates are online and available to book now so take a look and see which vital training days are relevant to your life or work this year.

Best of the blog

Some of our most popular blog posts and series of the year:

What is hypnosis? A 5 part blog series taken from the book Godhead: The Brain's Big Bang

Why we dream - a series on creativity and dreaming taken from chapter 7 of the new edition of Why We Dream: The Definitive Answer, published in June.

The APET Model, emotions come first - A landmark article added to the HG Library. Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell introduce a biologically-based theory which explains the shortcomings of purely cognitive approaches and why effective therapies can work fast.

Why Freud and Jung were wrong about dreaming

More proof of the dismal failure of IAPT - so what next?

Best self help posts of 2014

Worrying drains your motivation. But how? Here's the surprising explanation
How to use your imagination to manage pain
5 golden rules for setting achievable goals
Emotional arousal makes you stupid
See all self help blog posts here.

Thank you for all your support this year, and we look forward to what 2015 brings!

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