Thursday, 14 May 2015

Mental Health Awareness Week: Addiction

From 11-17th May 2015 it's the Mental Health Foundation's Mental Health Awareness Week.

To help raise awareness and share useful information we will be taking one common mental health problem every day and providing a master list of links to as many of our resources, articles and information about that topic that we can fit into a blog post!

We encourage you to SHARE, EXPLORE and DISCUSS the information in these posts so we can help change how we view and treat mental health for the better.

Today we will look at ADDICTION:

Vast numbers of us do things to excess, or have the feeling that it might be difficult to stop doing something, or sometimes wonder why on earth we have just done something that seemed attractive before we did it.

In a well-balanced life, a reasonable amount of natural reward is felt by the human every day, but in a life where essential emotional needs (or human givens ) are not met and abilities are not stretched, the rewards do not come and life feels flat and meaningless. This kind of life is rich territory for addictions to target, as every addictive substance or behaviour either stimulates a reward mechanism or provides a chemical reward directly.

To get away from addictive behaviour it is necessary to understand two things: the way these reward mechanisms work, and the way life should be constructed in order to receive the natural rewards that make addictive activities less attractive.

What is addiction and how to beat it:

Joe Griffin goes back to basics to arrive at a some powerful new insights into the givens of human nature. This article from a 2004 edition of the Human Givens journal explores many of the essential insights the human givens approach is centered on and provides the basis for the most up to date model of addiction available today:

If you would like professional help with addiction please see our register of Human Givens Therapists:

Find out how well your emotional needs are being met by taking our emotional needs audit:

View all our Mental Health Tip blog posts in one place:

Tackling addiction: Understanding and treating all types of addictive behaviour. This course focuses on a greater understanding of the addictive process and what drives it. Choose a date in the city nearest you:

You can also take this course online at a time, place and pace that suits you:

To learn how to treat addictions choose this course on a date in the nearest city to you:
Brief therapy for stopping addictions – a practical skills-based day:

Freedom from addiction: The secret behind successful addiction busting

Human Givens: A new approach to emotional health and clear thinking: - find out how the human givens approach can revolutionise mental health treatment.

Share this post, learn as much as you can about what promotes good mental health and always strive to create a life that meets as many of your innate emotional needs as possible for yourself and everyone around you. If you know anyone who is suffering from addiction, refer them to a therapist who understands how addiction really works.

What are our innate emotional needs (human givens)?

How you can support the Human Givens Foundation:

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