Monday, 6 July 2015

FREE Human Givens Webinar - Dreams and depression: Why depressed people always wake up tired

Dreams and depression: Why depressed people always wake up tired
- with tutor Ivan Tyrrell


This free 90 minute webinar will be taking place on Thursday 16th July at 7.30pm BST (UK) - 8.30pm CET (Central European Time) - 2.30PM EST (US).




Depression is fascinating! Published research shows that human givens therapists get most people out of mild to moderate depression three times faster than conventional counselling, psychotherapy and antidepressant treatments used in the NHS.

This webinar reveals WHY – and provides you with practical ideas on how you can learn to lift depression fast too.

If you know someone who is depressed and seeking help you should attend this webinar. You'll have the chance to ask questions about this important topic (up to 1-in-5 people suffer from anxiety and depression in the UK) and will gain essential, groundbreaking information:

  • Why our dreams are often so bizarre – and what this means
  • The important – but little known – insight into the connection between dreaming and depression that is revolutionising treatment and explains why depressed people burn off more energy when they're asleep
  • A straightforward methodology for understanding the meaning of your own dreams – which you can easily test for yourself
  • What your dreams do for you every night – a clear explanation (consistent with the latest neuroscientific findings and sleep research)
  • The requirements of a true, holistic theory of dreaming
  • Why so many counsellors and psychotherapists unwittingly deepen their clients' depression instead of lifting it – sometimes fatally so
  • An understanding of the 'cycle of depression' and what human givens therapists do to break it – and how you can learn to do this too!
  • PLUS the chance to ask Ivan Tyrrell your own questions on depression and dreaming – and the link between the two... 

 If you know someone who is depressed, you should attend this FREE 90-minute webinar.

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  1. A fantastic webinar. Very thought provoking with some valuable insights on how depression and dreams interact on an individual.