Sunday, 9 August 2015

Watching Human Givens Therapy in action - A special day for HG graduates

Are you a Human Givens Diploma graduate? 

Here is a brand new opportunity to watch therapy in action

Over the last 15 years of the diploma course, therapy sessions by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell, working with distressed patients, were filmed on the understanding that only College students could view them for educational purposes.

The College now holds a vast library of filmed therapy sessions by the two originators of the most effective approach to therapy. Over the years many College graduates have asked to see films of Joe and Ivan working with patients on other Diploma courses than the one they attended.

They all said that watching people being helped by the HG approach improved their understanding of the theory and exercises taught on the course.

A brilliant CPD opportunity

On this CPD day, you will see the first session and the follow up session, which takes place approximately four weeks later, with two patients.

The first was filmed on the HG Diploma in Bristol in 2014 where Joe is working with a young man. He has a family history of addiction and has suffered from addiction himself since being a teenager; he is currently suffering from an addiction to codeine. Joe explains how to cope with withdrawal symptoms and how to ‘wear out’ the pattern match that gives rise to the cravings and demonstrates clearly how to recondition the memory store.

The second patient was filmed in York in 2007 and shows Ivan working sensitively with a young Asian woman who suffered years of childhood sexual abuse and then, as an adult, was forced by her family to have an abortion that she didn’t want. The films show Ivan skilfully building rapport to gain her trust before using the rewind technique to deactivate her multiple traumas.

In the second session he reframes the sadness she feels around issues of loss. As none of the four films shown lasts more than an hour the day will allow plenty of time for discussion between attendees and the facilitator, Véronique Chown, on what they have seen.


For more information, dates and venues please visit this page on the Human Givens College website.

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