Thursday, 22 October 2015

Online Counselling Course: How to make counselling more effective


How to make counselling more effective

 - with tutor: Joe Griffin

Counselling is on offer everywhere, yet its effectiveness varies enormously. Some counsellors are brilliant, others useless – some even harm clients (albeit unwittingly). Despite the wealth of research findings available to us today, the field of counselling and talking therapies still lacks a shared, cohesive evidence-based approach as to the best ways to help people – as a result, and despite the hardworking army of counsellors and psychotherapists (operating from a wide range of models), the rates of depression, anxiety disorders, addictive behaviour etc continue to climb.

This course cuts through the ideology and concentrates on what we know from research findings works – and why – important information if you want to ensure you're helping your patients as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Tutor Joe Griffin is an acknowledged expert on psychological interventions for depression, anxiety, anger disorders, trauma and addiction. He has transformed the outcomes of thousands of counsellors by showing them how to work with the givens of human nature – the result is a truly holistic, evidence-based and powerfully effective approach that empowers clients and helps them build resilience against future setbacks.

“Best course I've attended in ages.”
- Child protection officer

“I've learnt more today than on my 2-year university course!”
- Counsellor
If you work with, or support, distressed adults or children, you will gain essential new information that will make your work easier and more effective. The course also provides an excellent foundation for anyone interested in becoming a counsellor or psychotherapist – it will help you see the wood for the trees – and could even save you years of wasted effort!

Discover for yourself what can be done to make counselling much more reliably effective – and why this powerful approach is inspiring so many in the caring and teaching professions.

Take the course now.

What you will gain from the course.


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