Monday, 28 December 2015

Watch a FREE webinar replay for a limited time only - 'Dreams and Depression: Why depressed people wake up tired'

Depression is fascinating! 

Published research shows that human givens therapists get most people out of mild to moderate​ ​depression three times faster than conventional counselling,​ ​psychotherapy and antidepressant treatments used in the NHS.

This webinar replay reveals why – and provides you with​ ​practical ideas on how you can learn to lift depression fast too.

only available until midnight 11th Jan (GMT) <<

During this 90-minute recording, you'll gain essential, groundbreaking information​ including:

  • Why our dreams are often so bizarre – and what this means
  • The important – but little known – insight into the connection between dreaming and depression that is revolutionising treatment and explains why depressed people burn off more energy when they're asleep
  • A straightforward methodology for understanding the meaning of your own dreams – which you can easily test for yourself
  • What your dreams do for you every night – a clear explanation (consistent with the latest neuroscientific findings and sleep research)
  • The requirements of a true, holistic theory of dreaming
  • Why so many counsellors and psychotherapists unwittingly deepen their clients' depression instead of lifting it – sometimes fatally so
  • An understanding of the 'cycle of depression' and what human givens therapists do to break it – and how you can learn to do this too! 

PLUS listen to tutor Ivan Tyrrell answer popular questions on depression and dreaming – and the link between the two...

If you're interested in your dreams, or work with people or know someone who is depressed, you will find this webinar helpful and enlightening...

>> Watch the webinar here - only available until 11th January at midnight (GMT) <<

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Human Givens Gift Certificates for Christmas!

The winter holidays are a time for reflection, for thinking, for learning – and for reading! 

Prepare for your holiday-hibernation with books that will excite your mind, further develop your skills and deepen your knowledge about what it means to be human…

Discover your next read or CD here:

And don’t worry, if you can’t decide now – you can buy an HG Publishing gift certificate on the website instead!


If our training courses are more your thing give a memorable and meaningful gift this year with our new HG College gift vouchers now available to purchase - call: 01323 811690!

You can pay in full or make a contribution towards a live or online course for your loved one – or you could always put it on your own list for Santa... Just call the office to buy yours.

The gift vouchers can be redeemed against any of our seminars and workshops OR online courses, and even the Diploma – browse our courses here.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Watch a FREE Human Givens Webinar replay - only available until Monday 14th December at midnight (GMT)

The replay of our most popular webinar to date is now available for you to watch on-demand – at no cost to you – until Monday 14th December!

Ivan Tyrrell shares an enormous number of ideas and tips that will help you further develop your skills as a psychotherapist or counsellor.

Don't miss it – the replay will come down at midnight (GMT) on Monday 14th December!

 You will discover:

> What exceptional psychotherapists and counsellors do that makes a difference
> The six vital steps for structuring an effective therapy session
> The do's and don'ts of psychotherapy
>How to bring renewed hope to your clients and colleagues
>The essential 21 skills you need to be a brilliant therapist...

..And more!

"The whole webinar was extremely inspiring. Thank you."  
 "Much needed, clear and valuable information on how to become an even better therapist. Thanks heaps!"

You will also hear Ivan's responses to questions posed by people facing similar challenges to you...


Monday, 7 December 2015

New at Human Givens College in 2016..

The new year sees another new addition to the ever growing team of Human Givens College tutors as Jo Ham presents an invaluable CPD course entitled:

Creative Ways to Rewind Trauma – new ideas for helping adults and children with Asperger's, psychosis, and extreme hypervigilance.

Jo says “I am delighted to tell you all about the new workshop that I’m running on Saturday 27th February in London. I’m planning a lively and interactive day for all of you therapists who are already using the Rewind and may be looking for some creative techniques to build confidence when treating those even harder- to-reach or resistant patients. 

 "So, expect an enthusiastic and fast-paced day which will leave you energised, enthusiastic and ready to try out your new extended tools to help you reach those parts you might not have been able to reach before. A bit like those telescopic hedge trimmers you see in the Sunday supplements, only different…!” 

The course will run on Saturday 27th February in London and Wednesday 15th June in Bristolbook your place online or click here to find out more.