Monday, 28 December 2015

Watch a FREE webinar replay for a limited time only - 'Dreams and Depression: Why depressed people wake up tired'

Depression is fascinating! 

Published research shows that human givens therapists get most people out of mild to moderate​ ​depression three times faster than conventional counselling,​ ​psychotherapy and antidepressant treatments used in the NHS.

This webinar replay reveals why – and provides you with​ ​practical ideas on how you can learn to lift depression fast too.

only available until midnight 11th Jan (GMT) <<

During this 90-minute recording, you'll gain essential, groundbreaking information​ including:

  • Why our dreams are often so bizarre – and what this means
  • The important – but little known – insight into the connection between dreaming and depression that is revolutionising treatment and explains why depressed people burn off more energy when they're asleep
  • A straightforward methodology for understanding the meaning of your own dreams – which you can easily test for yourself
  • What your dreams do for you every night – a clear explanation (consistent with the latest neuroscientific findings and sleep research)
  • The requirements of a true, holistic theory of dreaming
  • Why so many counsellors and psychotherapists unwittingly deepen their clients' depression instead of lifting it – sometimes fatally so
  • An understanding of the 'cycle of depression' and what human givens therapists do to break it – and how you can learn to do this too! 

PLUS listen to tutor Ivan Tyrrell answer popular questions on depression and dreaming – and the link between the two...

If you're interested in your dreams, or work with people or know someone who is depressed, you will find this webinar helpful and enlightening...

>> Watch the webinar here - only available until 11th January at midnight (GMT) <<

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